Wedding Dance Preparation

Two left feet? Afraid you'll just "clutch and sway"? Amy will help you make your first dance and your wedding day the most memorable day of your lives. Amy has choreographed hundreds of wedding dances from Waltz to Foxtrot and Swing to Rumba, Hustle and Argentine Tango. Amy wants you to look and feel comfortable, confident, and natural on the dance floor. No experience necessary!

Services include:

  • Wedding Consultation - A 45 minute consultation to discuss goals, ideas, and plans for the dance of your dreams!!
  • Discounted Packages - to help preparation be as affordable as possible.
  • Original Choreography - Romantic, fun, classy, exciting, goofy, set the bar and Amy will do the rest!
  • Dance Floor Etiquette -  How to look natural yet professional from the very first moment you step onto the dance floor.
  • Lessons for the family - Mother/Son, Father/Daughter AND EVEN Maid of Honor/Best Man Dance!
  • Helping you create a magical wedding!

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The New York Times interviews Amy's students Caitlin and Corey!

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First Dance Tips and Suggestions

  • Select a romantic wedding dance song with a good, easy to hear dance beat.
  • Select a wedding dance song that is less than three minutes long or have your D.J. fade it out at a specified time. Amy can also edit the song for you!
  • Start practicing at least three months before your wedding day. With all that will be going on, you won’t have as much time to practice as the wedding day nears.
  • Keep your eyes off the floor or you’ll end up with a lot of wedding dance photos of the top of your head!
  • Find out how large or small your wedding dance floor is going to be so you can practice your wedding dance accordingly.
  • Decide ahead of time how and where you will be entering the dance floor for your wedding dance.
  • Brides should practice in a long dress similar to their wedding dress or the slip to their wedding dress. You don’t want to end up stepping all over it during your first dance.
  • Grooms should practice in their tuxedo jacket or a similar jacket. See how well you can lift your arms and also practice keeping your shoulders down and relaxed so you don’t end up with your shoulder pads in your ears.
  • Practice in your wedding dance shoes at least a few times before the big day. Women can cover their shoes with socks or a low tack tape to prevent scuffing. Men should put Vaseline on the inside edges of their shoes if they are patent leather. Otherwise, they will stick when you dance and you might trip.
  • Listen to your wedding dance music and stay on beat. Most of all, remember to relax, smile and have a good time!