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Every once in awhile a person can be blessed with an

teacher. My wife and I wanted to learn to dance the Viennese Waltz so we could attend A Grand Ball in Vienna on New Year's Eve. Amy was an amazingly kind and talented teacher who took the challenge of this non sports guy and got the job done!
New Year's Eve in Vienna, Austria was wonderful and dancing continues to be our sport. Thank you Amazing Amy.
- Stan B.

Amy is just the best teacher. If you know nothing about
dance or if you are one of those famous pros you'll
always find something new with Amy. Her sensitive,
supportive, smart, and dedicated style is a winning
combination. She'll always find time in your busy
schedule, and above all, she makes it fun!!
Victor S.

I can't say enough about Amy both as an instructor and as someone who gets her students to love dancing. She has been able to take someone who was completely fearful stepping into the studio the first time to levels of dance I never thought I would be capable of achieving. My time with Amy has truly been life-changing.
- Steve W.


         When My husband and I first walked in to the dance studio in Manhattan and met Amy, we had a big goal in mind. We wanted to learn how to dance so we could float across the ballroom on a trans-Atlantic cruise for our 10th Anniversary. When I say a "big" goal, I mean humongous. We are both stagehands, accustomed to being backstage, not on the spot on the dance floor. Amy took our 4 left feet, and through her patience and perseverance, taught us how to tango, foxtrot, rumba, and waltz. She taught me how to follow, which is harder than you might think, and she taught my husband how to lead. We both felt so comfortable with her, and she always made our lessons both fun and educational. She listened to our feedback, and tailored our lessons to what we wanted to accomplish. We were sorry to lose her to the West Coast, but thanks to her we have had the nerve (and the ability) to dance at several functions...something my husband would never have attempted before. I would recommend Amy to anyone, regardless of experience and dance level.              -Moira M.

When I first walked into the dance studio where I met Amy, I was feeling hopeful that my husband wouldn't step on my toes and we wouldn't look like kids swaying at a seventh grade dance during our 1st dance together. I had no idea how much we would learn and how much more we could hope to present! Amy Lawrence took our dancing skills from minimal to amazing in a few months together. Her style of teaching is comforting and encouraging, allowing us to feel capable and confident. Her enthusiasm for dancing and helping us to become better dancers made each lesson exciting and made us want to dance more in between our lessons. Her approach to feedback allows even the most beginning dancers (me!) to feel at ease with learning the steps, the style, the roles and refining the nuances and more of each dance. She made dancing fun, for both of us! Her support throughout was just incredible. Amy really cares about each of her dancers -from the times she asked for updates on wedding plans, to the way she helped us choose dance steps and a song that helped show who we really are, to the moment she stood clapping and crying at the side of the dance floor at our wedding reception, she made sure we knew that we were important to her and that she was there for us. I am thankful for many things about our wedding, and the choice to make Amy Lawrence our dance instructor is definitely at the top of that list!
             -Melanie B.

Amy is an amazing dance teacher. My Fiance and I decided to learn a waltz for our wedding and we were totally lost on how to find a teacher and where to start. Luckily, Amy's ad came up and we jumped to the opportunity to learn from her. She was so inviting, and always had a smile. Very professional, and at the same time, treats you like her best friend. On the first day, we were shy and a bit nervous, because people generally have some sort of a dance background, and we did not. Not even close! But Amy took us by the hand, literally, and was able to teach us 'the box step', 'twinkles', 'rhythm', and 'quarter-turns' on the very first day. She has infinite patience and a strong sense of how to apply the dance terminology into something easy to comprehend. We give her an 11 out of 10!!! -Michelle P.

I am probably the worst dancer on the face of the planet ( kidding) but Amy was able not only to teach me a passable waltz for my wedding in only a few lessons she made me want to learn more.  It was very sad for me when she moved to the Los Angeles area :(.  I highly reccomend her to students of all levels! -Grey W.

Amy Lawrence
(626) 644-9591